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Review of Vriptech Vaporizer

During years of research on the science for medical marijuana I learned a lot about vaporization-the technique of heating the medicinal compounds found in cannabis at a low temperature without burning the plant material that produced those cannabinoids. It is well known that cannabinoids boil at 400 degrees F, a temperature too low to ignite the dried flowers and vegetable matter commonly smoked in joints, pipes, or bongs. When asked to test the Vriptech Vaporizer, I was very skeptical. All of the other vaporizers I tried had serious flaws, so I was expecting that the Vriptech would be yet another device added to my list of regrettable rejections. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find the Vriptech Vaporizer far superior to all other vaporizers on the market today.

I am severely ill, and I have used marijuana as medicine for several decades. I use cannabis every day, all day, starting before breakfast and long into the night. My main objection to other vaporizers is simple: none of the other types provide a sufficiently powerful dose. Some don't hold enough pot, and others have too much air volume. But most importantly, all of the designs I have tried are nearly impossible to use because they lack proper temperature control.

Soldering guns and other construction tools are not usually built to exacting standards, and reaching the desired heat range can be very frustrating. The Vriptech Vaporizer is built to accommodate the only heat gun that I would endorse for medical use. The Swiss-made Steinel heat source is made of a ceramic material, (as opposed to metallic heat elements that might deliver electrons and other unhealthy particles). The other major advantage of the Steinel heat gun is the electronically controlled digital display that makes exact temperature regulation a breeze. And the fan-speed control enables four different settings, so regulating the optimal airflow is also very easy.

Apart from the superb heat source, the Vriptech Vaporizer appears just like any other glass bong, but there are a couple of important differences. The Vriptech Vaporization Chamber Bowl is made with small gaskets that seal the Steinel heat source at the proper position. The Vaporization Chamber Bowl can be used with any standard bong, but the Vriptech water pipe, called the Vaporization Water Tool, has the advantage of an ice cube holder that turns hot air to cold like no other water pipe. In fact, the Vriptech Vaporizer can be used with no water at all. A single ice cube in the stem is perfectly sufficient to cool the heated air without filtering out any of the medicinal compounds.

I suffer from chronic pain, and I found the Vriptech Vaporizer to be extremely effective. Just a few puffs of clean cannabis vapors relieves my pain in seconds. My friend John has AIDS. He was amazed at the effectiveness of the Vriptech. A few precious puffs and he was up and out of bed for the first time in days, rummaging through the refrigerator like a ravenous bear. My friend Dan is not a medical patient. Dan, an occasional "recreational" pot smoker, tried the Vriptech several times. Each time, after a just couple of puffs, Dan was immediately too stoned to continue with the tests. Discovering the first vaporizer that really works, I was excited to show it to my doctor, a medical marijuana specialist. He is a cancer survivor who suffers from lung damage caused by radiation therapy, so he is particularly sensitive to the respiratory irritation of cannabis smoke. My doctor liked the Vriptech so much he decided to keep it, and I had to go buy another one for myself. We both agree that Vriptech makes the only Vaporizer suitable for medical use.

The directions that come with the Vriptech Vaporizer are clear and easy to understand. The only point I would add is that the digital heat control should be set on 420 degrees F for optimal vaporization. Keep your Vriptech set on 420!